Thursday, May 23, 2013

one day pool parties will be my jam

So, while I've been sitting on my bum since being home, I've tried to avoid the fact that it is getting bigger, so a few days ago I got up and decided to work out. I really don't work out, I mean really, never. When I was away at school this past year I think I went to the gym twice and I was quite proud of those 2 times. That is SAD.
So I  said to myself, Lindsay, if you don't change your ways now, when will you ever? And everyday since Sunday I have worked out for at least 30 minutes. Sure some may say this isn't enough, but hey, I say whatever to that, because 30 minutes a day for the past 5 days is more than I did at school last year.
And I've come to terms with the fact that I don't walk everywhere at home like I do at school, so I am doing much less moving when I'm sitting at home all summer. But, I am highly motivated and ready to lose weight and become more healthy. I'm not one of those thinspo people that's like, I need 0% body fat, but shoot, I want to put on a bikini by the end of this summer and be like, WOW I look pretty darn good. I'm saying I wanna go back to school, go to a pool party and be like this is fun, rather than wow this bathing suit is TIGHT. I mean I don't care if others don't think I'm the next Victoria's Secret Angel (oh why can't I just be Cara Delevigne???), but I want to feel good about MYSELF.
What I do is I track what I eat, so I pay much more attention to how much and what I am eating (it has made me face the reality that i snack like it's a full-time job). This has been a good change for me and honestly, doing this for 5 days is quite the accomplishment in my book. Maybe, just maybe if I write about it on this little blog then I will keep up with it.
Because when you post it on a blog that ish is real, more real than my other get fit attempts have ever been. So, HERE I GO.
Some day soon I will waltz into a pool wherever and probably say something like "here I am world, take me or leave me" (but not out loud of course)....
Wish me luck everyone, or those of you who read this anyways.

^^^that will be me b/c I want one of these bathing suits (Roxy)

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