Tuesday, May 7, 2013

wow, you're like really pretty

I honestly find myself to be one of the most judgmental people out there, but I am really good about keeping it to myself, almost as good as Regina George. But then sometimes, I snap out of it and I look at myself and am like, sweetie even you are far from perfect so don't judge others because they aren't. Then I think about the true meaning of judgmental and I think I've got it backwards. Maybe, just maybe, I'm not actually all that judgmental, but I form my own opinions about others, quickly. I think maybe being judgmental is actually judging a person based on who they are, not just saying someone's outfit is ugly.
 ...But then I just think that it's so entertaining, and that's a real problem. Like who can honestly say that they don't enjoy people watching (and we all know this means people judging) with all their friends. Sometimes I walk different ways through campus just to see other people. Maybe it's the psychology major in me that likes to observe people in their natural habitat, but then again I think it's hysterical to see people at, let's say, the mall and just to be like, did you get dressed in the dark?!? I need to confront this side of myself but then again, if I didn't have witty remarks about the people around me, I don't think I'd be half as funny as I think I am. Please, don't get me wrong though, it's definitely all in good fun, and just a total girl thing to do.

I mean, you know when you meet a girl for the first time and she says "nice to meet you" in her mind she's snap-judging you and thinking that you need to get your roots done. Welcome to girl world. Welcome to college life. You see that girl at a bar who the guy you would die to have is totally into, and all of the sudden you're like, "whatever, she's so not even pretty" "he could do better" or "she looks frizzy tonight"(and the girl's actually stunning and skinny and perfect). It's this petty kind of girl talk that keeps going out with your friends humorous, because after a bit, who knows what nickname one of your outlandish friends will come up with next for her arch-nemesis-at-the-moment. And that's what keeps things interesting. I know, I know, people tear others down to make themselves feel better, but for that one second, when you say that pretty girl's not-so-cute, you almost, almost feel like you are a complete dime piece that any guy in his right mind would be lucky to have. And if you have to say or think one sarcastic judgmental comment to get yourself there for the moment, then so be it. Because you already should be surrounded by people that see you as a total package and if they don't then bye, because soon you will learn to see yourself in the same way too, without the help from a rude remark you said about that girl's pleather jacket.
...So maybe I'm quick to form an opinion, but come on you know it's fun to sometimes just be like "where did you get those clothes? the toilet store??" (in your mind) especially if you don't feel so hot that day either. So next time you're out on the town, look for two girls that meet each other for the first time, and watch as they give each other the Up-Down glance for a few seconds... Oh boy, if looks could KILL.

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