Monday, May 6, 2013

this is the way i post

So, I've been reading some books lately that make me laugh, and are extremely witty and sarcastic, because who actually reads the books they're assigned in school right? And college textbooks make me nauseous... In the little free time I have when I'm not napping, studying, going on every possible social media, and going out 3 nights a week, I read books that make me laugh my ass off. Of course, I only read snippets because it's normally right before I'm about to fall asleep at some obscene hour after I've procrastinated until 3am. Anyways, read these books if you're a girl in college, you love to have fun, are completely clueless about the male species, are painfully single and you love a good laugh. I'm home now for the summer and already unhealthily bored, so I will be studying up on these good quick reads about how to live your life as a top notch chick and ultimately--Care Less.
1. Nice Is Just A Place In France
I started this because if you haven't been on, then we are not friends...because these people make my world go round, and make sitting in a lecture much more enjoyable.
2. My Horizontal Life 
I started this because my roommate told me it was hilarious, and oh my, was she right. I just started and I'm already hooked, reading with the iPad dimmed into the wee hours of the night.  

BTW this blog is not titled Care Less because I'm a careless person, because I am not, but because in my last two years of college I have learned to care less. Not about my school work or my grades or my future, but in the way that I do my thing without caring so much about what people think of me. I used to be so caught up with other people's opinions, but I know my strengths, I know my weaknesses, I embrace them and I learn. I care less about what people may or may not be saying about me and I care more about how I see myself and who I surround myself with, which is the most important part of life. 
Anyways, enough with the sentimental stuff, welcome to my blog! (never thought i'd say that...) OH and watch out world because I'm officially an upperclassman.


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